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Victoria, Aus

A friend told me about ADHD coaching and how Tania had helped someone she knew so I decided to try it. I had no idea so many of my struggles are connected to ADHD.I have found Tania to be caring, kind and compassionate. Her knowledge of ADHD and the struggles it brings have finally helped me understand myself. Tania has also encouraged me to look at my strengths and find ways to use them to my advantage. With her help I’ve returned to being a fully functioning adult who CAN parent, work and complete uni assignments (on time!).​

SM (17 yrs)

Victoria, Aus

I have coaching with Tania twice a month to build better study habits and work on my motivation. Our sessions help me create a better homework plan and cope with home learning throughout COVID. I feel less anxious about going into my last year of high school next year with the tools I now have.

Jen D

Victoria, Aus

I took my 9 year old son to see Tania to help with his hyperactivity and attention. I learnt so much about ADHD and how I can help him at home. My son enjoys the physical activities and games at the start of the coaching sessions and looks forward to going to his “focus coach”. His behaviours are improving and his balance is much better. He likes that Tania understands his need to move and he doesn’t get in trouble for bouncing up and down. ~ JD (a very grateful mum)

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