Tania Rowan

ADHD & Personal Development Coach

I specialise in helping people understand and overcome the challenges ADHD brings, while working with them to create the change they want in their life. 

I also work with people who want help to move forward and accomplish the things they’ve wanted to do. 

I am fueled by my passion for empowering others and an eagerness to better understand human behaviour.

As a lifelong learner, I am dedicated to building on my academic foundations in psychology and social science, while furthering my education in advanced ADHD Coach training through continued professional development.

After being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of 42 I was finally able to make sense of the challenges I faced throughout my own life. Dealing with the trials and tribulations that ADHD brings has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the complexities of ADHD and help others create meaningful change in their lives. It has also given me the tools to help others who may not have a diagnosis of ADHD but face their own unique struggles.

With my commitment to make a difference for people with ADHD and their families, I have utilised my 28+ years of experience in martial arts and the fitness industry to develop and deliver workshops on ADHD education along with fitness and empowerment programs for coaches, trainers, martial arts instructors, families and educators.

Certifications & Professional Memberships

Work with Me

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want your life to be. 

My way of coaching is to empower you to build the skills and understand why things are happening so they become less of a challenge.