Family Coaching

Family Coaching is a family affair. This can help when the family unit needs structure, guidance or another voice besides mum and dad. It can help family members better understand their ADHD sibling or child, as well as helping the ADHD family member(s) build skills to take action and move forward. 

Coaching for parents can help with implementing strategies at home and learning skills to better advocate for your child with their school and others who don’t understand your child’s ADHD. 

There are many ways these sessions can be conducted, so we start with a family meeting to make sure everyone is on board for family coaching and work out what each persons goals are.  Family Coaching Agreements and Packages are developed to suit the needs of each family. 

After a meeting and intake session to gather more information about what each family member wants to get from coaching I then structure the sessions and package for each family so it is better suited to each family member’s needs. These packages may include 30 min sessions for some family members, or 45-60 minute sessions for others and for a family group session. 

We work together to design a package and plan that will suit your family. 

First Step – Reach out! 

Send me a message via the link on this page for more information and coaching fees / packages. From there we can schedule a meeting via Zoom or phone call and make sure we’re a good fit. In this 15 minute complimentary call you can ask any questions you may have about coaching and I can explain in more detail how coaching works and what is required from you and what you can expect from me. Please note this call is NOT a coaching session. 

If you would like to share more information that may help me help you, you are welcome to answer the questions on the form below. All information shared with Vanguard Coaching is confidential (please see website privacy policy).

From this session you can take some time to think if it is what you would like to do or we can look at times available for coaching. I will send you a coaching agreement that you are required to sign and return before you begin coaching. 

Get in Touch

Please feel free to submit your queries and I will get in touch with you.